1. How often would a store clean their carts before using Clean Cart Systems? It varies throughout the country, but many times the carts would not be cleaned at all other then when they were left in the rain. But typically, the carts are washed once a year.

2. How much water does it use per cart wash? Clean Cart Systems has the ability to recycle the same water to clean up to 15 shopping carts. The water resorvouir fills up with 2.5 gallons of water and after the 15 shopping carts have been washed, the resourvour water is removed and the resourvour is refreshed with new water.

3. How long does it take to clean a cart? There are two cycles on the Clean Cart Systems washer. The commonly used cycle can clean a cart in 20 seconds. For carts that require a deep cleaning due to higher contamination there is a 5 minute wash for such carts.

4. Is it energy efficient? While developing the Clean Cart Systems it was important to be sensitive to the environment and keeping the program as green as possible.  The energy use is efficient and only pulls 3.5 amps.

5. What kind of solution is being used? It was important to Clean Cart Systems that the solutions it used were Certified Biodegrabable. We found that Planet solutions were the only third party Certified Biodegradible by Scientific Certification Systems located in Oakland California. This certification is identified with a Green Cross.

6. How often would the store use the machine? It is our recommendation to clean the cart daily. Many of the stores will wash the carts in the evening within their janitorial programs or by designated employees. 

7. Who would clean the carts, the customers or the employee of the store? The Clean Cart System is designed to be used only by employees of the store or authorized persons. The washer has locking mechanisms on the front and back compartments that keep unauthorizied persons from opening or using the washer.

8. Has the machine gone through product safety testing? The Clean Cart washer has gone through extensive testing by ETL, which certifies that the machine is safe to use.  We also use stainless steel for much of the washer which is long lasting, cleanable and does not harbor bacteria.

9. How many carts does it clean at once? In order to properly clean a shopping cart, Clean Cart systems felt that each cart should be cleaned one at a time. This is due to the fold up seat design of shopping carts. By putting the carts through a machine in their nested configuration, cleaning does not take place in and around the seat area.

10. Which other stores are using Clean Cart Systems?
Whole Foods - Berkeley, Piazzas - SanMateo,
       Draegers - Blackhawk

11. Does the machine also clean the hand baskets? Many of the Clean Cart System users will clean hand baskets, childrens carts, and mats located in deli departments.

12. What would happen if someone opened the machine while it was running?
Part of the ETL certification is the protection of the authorized users for the Clean Cart Washer. The washer will automatically turn off if someone opened the washer while running.

13. Where does the water go from the machine? In keeping to our concerns about the environment and promoting a green approach to cleaning shopping carts, all the water from the machine goes into the sewer lines and not into the storm drains.